(BC009) PU Cornices Moulding

  • ECO-Friendly, Non-toxic and harmless, 100% Recyclable
  • Good mechanical properties, high impact strength
  • Light weight, Low transportation & Installation costs
  • Waterproof & Moisture-proof&Moth-proof
  • Service life up to 50 years
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Polyurethane cornice is a crown moulding made from polyurethane foam,  it is formed by evenly mixing polyurethane into the mold.
It comes in various moldings and sizes. Polyurethane cornice has outstanding advantages compared to the traditional gypsum moulded cornices. It  is an environment-friendly material, reaching the standard of non-toxic and harmless green products for engineering decoration, and the material can be 100% recycled.

PU cornices has good mechanical properties, its impact strength is 6-7 times that of traditional materials, and it has high thermal stability, good heat insulation and sound insulation functions.

Compared with plaster cornice, PU foam cornice has low density and light weight which greatly reduced the cost of installation and transportation. Meanwhile it is moisture-proof and unbreakable.

And compared with solid wood cornice, PU foam is cheaper, waterproof and also moth-proof. Moreover, PU foam cornice can vividly imitate wood in appearance, and can be used as all kinds of high-end wooden products.

As long as use anti-oxidation spray paint to protect the surface, PU foam cornice is durable for nearly 50 years.

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