(BSM-10)Gaphite EPS Modular Floorheating Panel Apply to φ10mm Pipe

BS Series EPS Mouldar underfloor heating Panel, it is composed of Food-grade ultra-thin PS film(0.12mm)and EPS insulation board.The thickness of insulation layer is 20mm, and the pipe could be raised up 4mm.It is pressurized and heated twice by 1.5Kilograms high pressure under180℃ steam

  • Apply to φ16mm pipe
  • Seamless splicing
  • Staples-free
  • 100% Vrigin Materials
  • Zero formaldehyde
  • Fast installation
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Gaphite EPS Modular Floorheating Panel is made of Graphite expanded polystrene. Within graphite, the thermal conductive is much more better.

Its special  design ensures that heating pipe completely encased in concreste. Pipe raise up design increases the area between heating pipe and concrete,enhence efficiency of heating transfering.

Four side edge interlock design makes installation very easy, no need any staples,free cutting, saving labor cost and time a lot.


Description BSM-10 BSM-10A BSM-10B
Thermal Conductivity at 10℃ 0.032W/(m.k) 0.030W/(m.k) 0.028W/(m.k)
Heat Resistance 0.8(m2.k)W 1.1(m2.k)W 1.35(m2.k)W
Compressive Strength About 250KPA About 250KPA About 250KPA
Applied Pipe Diameter φ10mm φ10mm φ10mm
Total Thickness 28mm 30mm 35mm
Size(L*W)in mm 600mm*600mm 600mm*600mm  600mm*600mm
Thickness of Insulation Layer 15mm 17mm 20mm
Weight/M2 750g 800g 850g
Standard Package 10.08M2 10.08M2 10.08M2

Advantages :

1. Saving the pipeline laying time 50% at most.

2. Improve the working efficiency,only one labor can finish the work.

3. Strong enough for people standing on .

4. Embedded pipeline design, protect the pipeline from damage

5. No need staples during installation, avoid damage of the insulation layer.

6. Uniform pipeline laying, keep the same distance between pipes.

Gaphite EPS Modular Floorheating Panel is a kind of floor heat distribution panel in hydronic underfloor heating system. It is cost-effectively and bring a lot of conviences . We have many different models available, welcome to contact us for more details.

Brief Introduction:

Features  φ10mm  φ16mm φ20mm
Panel Dimension 1325*790*26 (mm) 1370*820*42(mm) 1370*820*44(mm)
Total thickness 26mm 42mm 44mm
Based Board Thickness 12mm 20mm 20mm
Thickness of Pipe Fixing Layer 11mm 17mm 21mm
Thickness of pipe support  3mm
Thermal conductive About 0.034 W / M.K
 Color Black / Blue / Yellow / Grey
Compressive Strength 200-250kpa
Fire Rating B1
Working Temperature  -30-80


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