Aluminized Reflective Film For Underfloor Heating

>>Reflectance >98%
>>Alkaline resistance 100%
>>Surface with scale line
>>Flame retardant
>>Rapid warming
>>Operating temperature: -20℃-60℃ (normal temperature type) /60℃-90℃ (high temperature resistant type)

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Aluminized specular reflection film has the function of waterproof and preventing concrete erosion of thermal insulation board. The grid on the reflecting film provides convenience and basis for the construction personnel to design the coil route and determine the distance between the heating pipe, so that the heating pipe coil process is more standardized


Name Aluminized specular reflective film
Material Double PET Aluminized Film
Dimension φ120*H1000MM
Color silver
Feature High reflectance and strong alkali resistance
Application Effectively prevent heat loss, improve heat reflection and radiation ability
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