(TB001) Polyurethane Aritificial Rock Stone Wall Panel Outdoor 3D PU Faux Stone Panel

  • Panel size: 1200mm*600mm
  • Thickness:50mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg/pcs
  • Package: 10pcs / carton
  • Carton Size:1220mm*620mm*500mm
  • Multi-colors available
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3D PU Stone Panel is made of Polyurethane by the production process of  compression molding.

It is a new green decorative material with low temperature resistance, aging resistance, waterproof, high hardness, excellent elasticity, etc. It can achieve the shape and color of natural stone.

Our production process is to lay PVC film on the surface, take it out of the mold and spray it with professional outdoor paint after forming, which has the advantages of high output, less pollution and less smell.


Advantages of PU  Faux Stone Panel

–Low price

–various shapes

–Light Weight

— Quick Installation

–Moisture-proof and Fire-proof


— Durable & Resistant weathering

— Apply to both  indoors and outdoors


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