(BWE-16) Double Layer (EPS Insulation + Plastic Film) Castellated Egg Crate Floor Panel Apply to φ16mm Pipe

  • Apply to Hydronic Underfloor Heating
  • Apply to φ16mm pipe
  • Size:1346mm*840mm*39mm/30mm
  • Film Thickness: 0.7mm
  • Staples-free
  • 100% Vrigin Materials
  • B1 Grade Flamme Retardant
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Good Water Vapor Performance
  • Fast installation
  • White and Black Color available
  • Prviate Logo custom supported
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Double Layer (EPS Insulation + Plastic Film) Castellated Egg Crate Floor Panel is a kind of integrated panel , it is composed of high density expanded polystyrene and food grade high impact HIPS film with thickness 0.7mm.

Its special mushroom design ensures quick and simple system to install. The main benefit of the system is the ready made pipe spacing and pipe retaining fixings.   It provides ready-made pipe securing and spacing and
can be used with traditional and liquid screeds,suitable for all pipework layouts.

Specifications of Mushroom Radiant Floorheating Insulation Panel: 

Description BWE-16 BWE-16A
Thermal Conductivity at 10℃ 0.029W/(m.k) 0.031W/(m.k)
Heat Resistance 0.8(m2.k)W 0.8(m2.k)W
Compressive Strength About 250KPA About 250KPA
Applied Pipe Diameter φ20mm φ10mm
Total Thickness 39mm 30mm
Size(L*W)in mm 1346mm*840mm 1346mm*840mm
Thickness of Insulation Layer 20mm 10mm
Weight/M2 1150g 1100g
Standard Package 11.3M2 13.6M2

Advantages of Mushroom Radiant Floorheating Insulation Panel :

1. Saving the pipeline laying time 50% at most.

2. Improve the working efficiency,only one labor can finish the work.

3. Strong enough for people standing on .

4. Embedded pipeline design, protect the pipeline from damage

5. No need staples during installation, avoid damage of the insulation layer.

6. Uniform pipeline laying, keep the same distance between pipes.


Double Layer (EPS Insulation + Plastis Film) Castellated Egg Crate Floor Panel is a kind of floor heat distribution panel in hydronic underfloor heating system. It is cost-effectively and bring a lot of conviences . We have many different models available, welcome to contact us for more details.

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