Aluminum Foil Tape For Underfloor Heating

>>Good viscosity
>>High aluminum content
>>Uniform heat conduction
>>Rapid warming
>>Energy saving

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Aluminized aluminum foil tape has high bonding strength, is not easy to fall off, and waterproof and moisture-proof, connecting the joint of the insulation board and reflection film, play a sealing role, reduce thermal bridge effect of insulation layer, reduce heat loss down, at the same time can be fixed reflection film to prevent displacement, easy reflection film alignment line, more convenient construction.


Product Name Length Width Thickness
Pure aluminum tape 50M 50mm 0.07mm
Aluminized tape 40M 45mm 0.05mm


1. Adhesive layer high bonding, peeling aluminum layer does not fall off
2. High aluminum content, uniform heat conduction, better performance, faster heating, energy saving.

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