Silicon Mesh for floor heating

>>Strong drawing force
>>Construction safety
>>Free cutting
>>Eco- friendly

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Safe silicon crystal net with natural quartz stone as raw material, by melting wire drawing system, take from nature, more environmental protection. Compared with ordinary wire mesh, silicon mesh does not rust the threat of heating pipe, and the longitudinal and transverse tensile force is greater than 1000N, is a common European wire mesh replacement products

Silicon mesh in the floor heating mainly plays a fixed lifting pipe, heat conduction, strengthen the backfill layer role. It is made by natural material, production process will not produce too much waste and waste gas, environmental protection is incomparable; Convenient cutting, free combination, improve construction efficiency; Silicon mesh is non-metallic material, can completely avoid corrosion and scratch pipe, to ensure the service life of the heating pipe


Name Silicon Mesh
Length 100M
Width 1M
Breaking strength The longitude >35KN/m and the latitude >22KN/m
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